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Scale Your Business With
VH Virtual Assistants

- Vetted, Cost-Effective Labor is at Your Fingertips. -

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What is Your Time Worth?

College-educated Virtual Assistants

Most people can’t afford fancy agencies, expensive marketers and untrained social media managers. 

It almost seems like you are caught in a “Catch 22” between expensive services and bad work.

Victoria Hous is dedicated to solving both of these detrimental issues with our vetted, professional virtual assistants. 

What our Assistants do

We specialize in Marketing, Lead Generation, and Research Work

Lead Generation

Social Media




Appointment Setting

Data Entry

Graphic Design

- Popular Use Cases -

Lead Generation

Tell us what your dream client/customer is. Our assistants will find hundreds of prospects allowing you to sell more and pay less in advertising. 

We are experienced working with both B2B and B2C companies. If you’ve got the product, we can find someone to buy it.

- Popular Use Cases -

Social Media

We notice that more businesses are investing in creating social media, but are your pages actually driving customers? 


Our trained assistants can automate your social media allowing you to focus your time on increasing sales and revenue.

- Popular Use Cases -

General Tasks

Buy back your time. One hour at a time. We can process paperwork, do effective data entry, and any other task you are able to outsource.


We’ll track your assistants performance and collect your feedback so assistants can improve. 

Flexible pricing


$ 10 hr

per assistant

Trusted by Our clients

Don't Just Hear It From Us.

Justin’s Law Firm has been able to exponentially increase their sales with VH Assistants.


They started with a General Assistant for Data Entry and Paper Processing, but now use VH for marketing as well.


Why VH Assistants?


Crush your Marketing with Vetted, Cost-Effective Labor. VH is compatible with almost all softwares and applications.

Why Us?

Yes we can take over your social media, but we take things a step further. Since VH assistants are the top talent, they are able to come up with strategy, foresee issues and craft intricate plans.
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General Tasks

Reserve your valuable time for tasks that directly increase your revenue. VH Assistants will handle everything else.

Why Us?

There is a difference between employees who complete tasks and those who learn. VH assistants are trained to actively learn the preferences surrounding tasks, saving time in the future.
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Lead Generation

If you understand your product, VH Assistants can find people to buy it. Our enriched approach is second to none.

Why Us?

Believe it or not, there is a "classy" way to do lead generation. We do not spam your prospects with random information, misspellings and mistakes. Our approach is tailored and designed around your business.
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Remove the time consuming part of recruiting. VH finds talented candidates, schedules interviews and sends the follow-ups.

Why Us?

Recruitment is very time consuming task in a business. By the time you are ready to hire someone, the current team is already over loaded. Let VH find talented candidates and set-up the interviews. Saving Time. Saving Money.
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